Curtains and drapes aren’t the most reliable window treatments these days and it’s not difficult to see why. For hundreds of years they were an excellent concept – undoubtedly straightforward solution for dressing windows, maintaining heat and maintaining privacy. However times have actually changed and 21st century options leave drapes in the shade.

There have been a number of pretenders to the throne however, of all the options readily available, wooden plantation shutters have actually become the clear winner. It’s not difficult to see why, considering that they are practical, visually pleasing and long lasting.

How exactly is this so?

Perhaps the best thing timber shutters is that unlike curtains, they provide great insulation against noise – a real advantage, especially for anybody living near a busy road. And shutters come in a range of designs and finishes to fit every design of house – or workplace – from a centuries-old nation cottage to a space-age loft apartment or condo.

It’s not surprising that they are practical – they get their name. According to reputable shutter manufacturers such as “Shutters Australia”, these window treatments are coined from the popular design of shutters discovered on American plantations where defense from extreme heat and light is of main value.

They are made by hinging a number of panels together, which enables them to fold back. And whereas the original plantation shutters used in America’s deep south had fixed slats, today’s shutters have slats – or louvres – that can be quickly adjusted to let in as much air or light as required.

Traditionally, of course, these window coverings were fitted externally. Nowadays, however, for useful reasons they are usually fitted inside. And the bright side is that they can be made to fit essentially any size or shape of window or French door.

So, there is no doubt they meet all the criteria for a practical window covering. Exactly what about looks? Well, they definitely cannot be faulted in that department! Wooden shutters are a design classic. And the choice is extensive – from the large range of woods to the colour or stain with which they are finished. Whatever your style of furnishing or palette you can coordinate plantation shutters with ease. When you alter your palette you won’t need to alter your window covering – unlike curtains, shutters do not ‘date’ and they definitely don’t clash!

However the merits of shutters over drapes doesn’t stop there. Curtains require cleaning or dry-cleaning – and you need to take them down initially! Shutters stay in place and simply need a fast flick with a duster. And, of course, while dust gets into the really material of curtains, contributing to or intensifying allergic reactions, there is no danger of this with shutters.

Anything else? Well, curtains fade and the material ultimately rots, whereas shutters are virtually unbreakable. It’s all or absolutely nothing with curtains – open or closed. Shutters can be adapted to your exact requirements and a benefit of this is that strong sunlight, the top cause of fading furnishings, furniture and pictures, can be excluded without eliminating all light.

Would you like to learn more? Check out other websites like that delve about the matter. You’ll find that you can never go wrong with a good set of quality timber shutters when it comes to window treatments.

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